• Fettuccine in yogurt pepper sauce with "verde" shrimps

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    You have to look at the kitchen as a “therapy”...
  • The refreshing flavors of the season

    A gift from summer...
  • Carrot & coriander soup

    Prepare this recipe, and you will be convinced of how good it is.
  • Fresh Mango Dressing

    There are no excuses for not making a fresh dressing at home...
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Top 10 frequently asked questions about Quinoa... So it won't bite you!

Its one of the healthiest ingredients worldwide, that's not new, it's ancestral. Its an artesanal product off of which many families live...



Anchovies are "boquerones or bocartes", as they are called in Spain. They are in the same family as sardines but smaller, so part of the oily fish family too.



Fabulous Food - The Kitchen Doesn´t Bite

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